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I always love it when my photograph lands on a cover - especially this one!

Edible Silicon Valley Fall + Holiday 2017

Who doesn't know what cinnamon smells like? Who doesn't know what it takes like? Have you ever tried truly fresh cinnamon that was just grated...? If not, then you don't really know.  Cinnamon sticks available at the grocery are pretty much always stale. Once you smell...

So warm from the sun and oh so sweeeeet! Could not have been a more beautiful day. Wood Fired pizza, apples, flowers, chickens, berry picking and so much more. Thank you Fifth Crow Farm for doing all that you do!

There's no doubt that these would sink to the bottom and lay on their sides if placed in a bowl of water. Proudly collected by our daughter on our friend's farm. Do you ever test the freshness of your eggs? 

 There is no doubt that autumn is right around the corner here in the Pumpkin Capital - Half Moon Bay, CA.

New botanical prints available! These sunflowers are nothing but sunshine. I picked them 10 days ago at Potrero Nuevo Farm. I am grateful every time I walk by the living room and get to glance at them.

I milked 3 goats yesterday. Yes, me. So... what to do with 2 gallons of fresh goat's milk...? First make chèvre. One of my favorite flavor combinations so far is chive blossoms and green peppercorns. Now off to make honey, vanilla ice cream!

I love the design on this invite! It was put together by BigLife Magazine. It includes a  photograph I created with Elisa Chamber's of Twenty Two Home/Snake River Interiors Raspberry Eclipse cocktail for the Summer 2017 issue of BigLife Magazine.

Picking dahlias at Potrero Nuevo Farm.

Did you know that Dahlias were originally grown as a food crop for their edible tubers?

What is encaustic?  Encaustic is a Greek word meaning "to heat or burn in" (enkaustikos). The process consists of heating and applying natural bees wax and dammar resin (crystallized tree sap) on top of a photographic print. Pigments can be added into the melted medium...

words & photography by Paulette Phlipot

First visit to the PNF Visitor Center. Bees. Simply fascinating. Bill taught us so much in a short time. Yearning to learn more. Adding the book Honeybee Democracy to the reading list thanks to Bill's recommendation.

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