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Cinnamon Hill

Who doesn't know what cinnamon smells like? Who doesn't know what it takes like? Have you ever tried truly fresh cinnamon that was just grated...? If not, then you don't really know. Cinnamon sticks available at the grocery are pretty much always stale. Once you smell the aroma, taste the flavor you too will realized what you have been missing all of these years. Thanks to Cinnamon Hill I have been enlightened.

Is this not the coolest looking grater? Besides it's looks, it's function is really what makes it stand out. (You will never try and use your microplane to grate cinnamon again, trust me.). When you grate freshly harvested cinnamon you will instantly know what I am talking about. And don't try grating the stale cinnamon in your cupboard, it will splinter on this beautiful grater.

Where to get freshly harvest cinnamon and this gorgeous grater? Cinnamon Hill is the place!

Cinnamon Lovers Grater Pack =Includes this hand-crafted oak grater, a lovely ceramic cup and a packet each of Ceylon and Saigon cinnamon. $80

©Paulette Phlipot

Photographed here in BigLife Magazine I could not wait to share my new found excitement for cinnamon with our readers.

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