Can a photo of an onion make you cry? Opening a CSA box make you smile? A picture of a Meyer Lemon Linguine get your pot boiling? An iced garden-inspired cocktail photo cool you down?

We think so.  


Not only do we believe people eat with their eyes first, we think they smell and taste with their eyes too.   And then take action–to shop, to eat, to drink, to think about food and drink differently, and in an approachable, fresher way.  


Yum never looked so good.

Want to show off your produce, product or recipe? Our Studio is open to give farmers, crafters and businesses access to rich, editorial-styled photographs to use for your freshest ideas and picks–on your website, social media or in any printed materials. And it’s simple. Choose from a range of photo packages, and send your product box directly to Paulette’s studio. Your products and recipes will never look so fresh, and ready to taste.  Email Paulette 

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