FoodasArt  Studio

Product & Recipe Photography


Can a photo of an onion make you cry? Opening a CSA box make you smile? A picture of a Meyer Lemon Linguine get your pot boiling? An iced garden-inspired cocktail photo cool you down? We think so.  


Not only do we believe people eat with their eyes first, we think, then smell and taste with our eyes too.   And then take action–to shop, to eat, to drink, to think about food and drink differently, and in an approachable, fresher way.   

Are you wanting to attract more customer's attention? Is it time to update your website? How about some scroll stopping content for your social media pages? No matter how near or far away you are we can help! 

Call or email today to find out how you can send your product directly to Paulette’s studio. She will style + photograph your products and make eye catching imagery for you.  Your products and recipes will look fresh, colorful and ready to taste.  Email Paulette to find out more! 

October 2020 Update: The studio is open and in full swing!

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