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I'm Paulette... 

I produce professional commercial and editorial photography for restaurants and food & beverage clients near and far. I am the founding photo editor for Teton Family Magazine and the Food Editor + Photography Director for PUNCH Magazine. I love color and using my trained eye to bring out details and the best in in everything!  

My FoodAsArt® wall art series are large scale art pieces created to elevate the walls of Culinary, Healthcare and Wellness commercial and home spaces.

When I am not barefoot in the sand on the beaches of Half Moon Bay, CA or out exploring the mountains in Ketchum Idaho, then I can be found in our kitchen making simple, nourishing meals made from scratch for my family. Each meal topped with fresh herbs from our garden, of course!  

If you are curious about my last name Phlipot, yes, the L actually does come before the i. It's pronounced as Flipō. 

  • IACP Best of Show Photography Award
  • FujiFilm Best of Show Photography Award
  • Professional Photographers of Canada Best of Show Award.
  • Western Academy of Photography, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Making things happen and working with a team! 

"Have you ever had a great idea that you should have, could have taken action on? Something that fed your soul and aligned with your vision of the “perfect job”? Did you bring it to fruition? Or did you let that creative energy peter out into the abyss of life’s overwhelming to-do list, nervous that the task of actually making your idea work was insurmountable?"

Christina Shepherd McGuire tells the story of the Founding Mothers of Teton Family Magazine.

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